The Deep Cove Jazz Band has been entertaining seniors for about 20 years. The band was started by clarinetist Wilf Fawcett, who also started the Deep Cove Big Band. Wilf has retired and the band is under the hand of Cornetist Bob Grahame. The Mount Seymour Lions sponsor the band and provide a practice hall and storage.

While the band has played mostly a dixieland style of music, the repertoire also includes some pop standards and swing from the 20s, 30s and 40s. In the future the DCJB will be extending and expanding on musical jazz styles and instrumentation. The band has played primarily from arranged music, but will be also including less arranged music in the future with other combinations of bands to suit various venues and audience interests. While the DCJB has been playing mostly for seniors, future plans also include branching out to play gigs for other audiences.

If you play and instrument, or have ever played in the past, please look under News to find our recruitment notice. We would like to talk to you.

This website is new and therefore needs some time for content to be added. Do come back to learn more about our bands.

Thank you for visiting our website and please follow us.

Bob Grahame, Cornet, February 2018