Announcements & News

Fall 2018

Wilf Fawcett now lives at a care facility. We recently played there and managed to do a photo which includes new band members.

DCJB with Wilf Fawcett
Front row: Wilf Fawcett, Barbara Halliday (Vocals), Bob Grahame (Cornet) Back Row: Alan Casselman (Piano), Don McPhee (Banjo), Cam Northcott (Guitar), Gil Gillespie (Drums), Wayne Dodds (Tenor Sax), Jon Scott (Trombone)

During the past few months, we have added Alan Casselman on piano and Cam Northcott on Guitar.

It turns out to be a tricky deal to have a piano player as we are never sure if the piano where we play is in tune, or if they even have one.

Cam is a multi-instrumentalist. He also took up the electric bass for our rehearsals. We usually have either Harold Hoodless on String Bass, or Graham Parkes on Tuba. Cam also plays flute and is planning to get back to his clarinet.

Even before Wilf Fawcett retired from the band, we began a search for someone to eventually take over from Wilf. It was a tough two, or so years of searching. We tried four clarinet players, however for various reasons, they did not stay on.

We now have taxman Roly Pretty to fill the clarinet chair. He is not with us yet because he had loaned his clarinet out to a family member and it came back damaged. It has now been repaired and he is practicing to get his clarinet playing skills back after many years off.

Sometime after Christmas and New Year season, we hope to have a regular String Bass player, however, that announcement will come in the future.


Musicians Needed

Come play dixieland jazz & swing standards music. The Deep Cove Jazz Bands, a volunteer band sponsored by the Mt. Seymour Lions, is looking for musicians available on Monday afternoons and, in the future, at other times. The DCJB plays arranged music, from fake books and lead sheets. We have been playing for about 20 years to entertain seniors and at special events. We have a great reputation among senior’s residences, care homes and drop-in centres on the North Shore and are planning to expand to other audiences and form additional bands.

The DCJB has openings for various instruments and singers to be regular and backup members. You may be playing now in another band or wish to return to playing an instrument you put aside years ago. We would like to talk to you. So find your clarinet, trumpet, cornet, sax, trombone, bass, piano, banjo, guitar, drums… and come make people happy playing the happiest music in the world.

Call or E-mail Bob: 778-384-3755 or


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